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Next EDKRA Club Meeting is Tuesday September 8th, 2015 @ Lumberjacks Restaurant, 5708 75 St., Edmonton, Alberta.

Meeting starts @ 7pm. Existing members and any future members all are welcome. Come out and learn what the EDKRA is all about!


Season Ending Highlights from the Prez!!

The season is winding up to the end and the executive would like to invite all members and their families to the last race of the year with the EDKRA year end party to follow. There will be award presentations, live music, fireworks and a pig roast with all the fixings!! Last race is Saturday September 12, 2015 with festivities to follow after the race day. Hope to see you all there.

The my laps points are now functioning properly and its looking like there is some close races for the champonships. Goto points page for viewing.



WIFI is now available at the EDKRA facility. Members are allowed to utilize this service and can obtain the necessary password from the race office.


Important Race Registration Information from the EDKRA Executive


Online Race registration is now available. Click on Classes/Rules and goto Registration on the drop down menu.  Due to the rapid growth of EDKRA racers, the executive encourages you to register online to assist the race organizers on race morning.




Criteria for running a Kart Track Activity Test & Tune:

Testing and tuning is an on-track kart activity that does not involve wheel-to-wheel competition, races of any kind, or rewards of any kind.
Safe self tech to ensure brakes/steering etc are in good working order prior to entering the race surface.

1.During Testing and Tuning sessions, the track must be supervised at all times it is being used, regardless of the number of karts on the track. For clarity, it is not permitted that a single person alone can take a kart onto the race track without a supervisor present.

2.Testing and Tuning is available only to permanent and temporary (daily)members in good standing of an affiliated club who individually have signed a waiver.

3.All participants, not just the driver, must sign a waiver and release, preferably an annual release with membership, or each time the racetrack facility is used.

4.Parent/Guardian release waivers are applicable where minors are involved.

5.No more that 10 karts on the race track at one time.

6.Wheel-to-wheel competition is not permitted.

7.Non-competitive passing is allowed.

8.A person (Supervisor) who is not the driver of a kart on the track must supervise the activity on the race track.

9.The Supervisor must be able to call 911. A connected land line phone or functioning cellular phone is permitted.

10.A fire extinguisher and first aid kit must be accessible by the supervisor.

11.A vehicle must be readily available to the Supervisor to provide assistance where necessary while awaiting response from the 911 call.

Any participant not adhering to this criteria may be subject to membership review by the club Executive


All of the 2015 membership and race forms are up on the Forum page of the site under Forms. There will also be forms available at registration as well.


Another exciting option we have available for 2015 is an easy way to check the 2015 schedule and keep current on last minute cancellations or rain outs. Just download the free app TRACKTIVITY on your I phone or Android, and follow the Warburg track.


One last note, the EDKRA is still in need of a good food vendor that will commit to our race season, if you are aware of any, please have them reach out to me.






I would also like to take this opportunity to again thank all our 2015 Volunteers. Without your dedication and valued help, our club could not operate as outstanding as it does. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

We are stillcurrently seeking people to fill the following positions:

  • Volunteer/ Personnel Director
  • Facility Director
  • Membership & Registration Director
  • Technical Director


For those of you who wish to commit to marshalling duties this year, please contact me. It’s our desire to have consistency with our corner Marshalls and we will continue to offer a stipend for your services. If anyone has a family member or friend to commit for the 2015 season you can reach me on our Facebook page.



Our Track Safety lighting system is now operational. It will enhance the safety protocols we have and provide a better race experience. There will be an aluminum overhead truss erected at the start/finish line to hold a multi-function display and the EDKRA will be selling advertising / sponsorship space for the start / finish line, again if anybody knows of a company or organization that may be interested please have them reach out to me.

Click here to see Track Safety Lighting Demo



The 2015 Season schedule is now posted, you will see two dates for the Alberta Shoot-out; a 2 round series between the CKRC and EDKRA, more details will follow, both clubs are still working out details but are planning some fun prizes for the event.



As a reminder our facility is now offering reserved RV spots with water, power and sewage for an introductory price of $2000 for 2 years. There are only 20 sites available with 6 already sold/reserved, don’t wait until the last minute and lose out. Also for those members who have trailers stored at the track over the winter, please forward your payment to the EDKRA.