2014 Year End Banquet

Our annual year end banquet will be held on November 8, 2014 at The Enjoy Centre, 101 Reil Drive (entrance 1) St. Albert. Cocktails at 5pm, Dinner 6pm and awards at 7pm.

There will also be a silent auction from 5pm to 9pm. and a photo booth from 5pm to 10pm.

Friends and family are welcome, Tickets sell for 50.00 each, children 5 – 10 yrs of age $25.00 each and children under 5 is free.

Deadline for ticket sales and silent auction donations has been extended until Monday October 27th. Please email or call Cheryl Hilwa ASAP to get your tickets 780-966-2955 or c.hliwa@hotmail.com

Hope to see everyone there!

Growing Pains and Other Delights

As the 2014 race season is upon us, the club has experienced a tsunami of growth, and with growth comes a new set of challenges.

The DD2 class ran its first race of the season as EDKRA members on May 14, a great addition to the club, yielding 15 new EDKRA members. Inquiries from our southern counterparts are still being gathered and our club is expecting larger kart counts to take the field during our regular scheduled events. The Briggs class is still gathering steam, and as that seed grows, I am optimistic that will also lend a significant influence in the growth of the EDKRA.

In order to manage this growth, a few things are being implemented, and/or forthcoming in the very near future. Members and guests will now see a parking map at the registration trailer for better parking assignments. Membership cards will be issued to keep better track of facility usage and fee schedules. A dedicated phone line will be installed at the track which will also facilitate high speed internet and a Wi-Fi hotspot so we may enjoy Netflix on those overnight stays. The internet service will also provide in the future a web cam so members can see track conditions from home, and of course this will also provide better security for our facility.

I remember taking my seven year old nephew to his first EDKRA classroom training. He sat with focus and attention to understand what was to lie ahead of him of his upcoming rookie racing season. I watched him as he began squirming during the last half hour of the class. A few minutes later I witnessed a single  tear fall from his cheek. I asked him what was bothering him. He confided in me that his joints were aching as he was going through growing pains, his little joints were irritating him prior to the class, but he knew the importance of attending the class and endured the pain. Eventually the pain became so intolerable during the class it made him shed that single tear. He knew the pain was temporary so he endured for as long as he could, knowing that he would come out of the class with the knowledge of a racer. Yes growth embraces pain, but in the end, the rewards erase any memory of that pain.