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Next EDKRA Club Meeting is Tuesday August 9, 2016 @ Lumberjacks Restaurant, 5708 75 St., Edmonton, Alberta.

Meeting starts @ 7pm.  







Summer Challenge Press Release



  register early and save$$$











Summer Challenge Parking


All EDKRA Members Please Note:

For Any Trailer not registered for the 2016 summer challenge, the Owners MUST move trailer to the North field area around the old track. The club WILL remove these trailers if this is not complied with 







New Message from the PREZ:




I would like to mention a BIG thank you to Fraser at Macritchie Forestry Services and Carlan Services for their firewood donation.

Also, effective Friday July 15, the club has hired Ron Drury as track manager and Race Director. Ron and his family were an integral part of the clubs history. He will be replacing Quinton Martin as Race Director beginning this weekend, we thank Quinton for his service and wish him luck focusing on his race program.
Please welcome Ron back this weekend.


We will require some volunteers to relocate Marshall Station #2 to the infield at the end of the back straight. Hopefully we can have that completed before this weekends race.


There will be Barbera’s Catering food service on premise for the Summer Challenge. Please support them so they will continue their fine service to our events.


In order to avoid congestion in the paddock, please follow all vehicle parking rules outlined in the Summer Challenge regs.




For your entertainment, Barry Robinson has generously donated an outdoor ping pong table (or as the Chinese say; ping pong), it is brand new and currently in the mechanical room between the two washrooms, if anyone would like to use it or even set up a tournament for the evening, you are welcome to use it, just store it back when your finished with it.


Raceievers are just on delay mode as we are anticpating a price change from the supplier and we finalized our budget for the year, I’ll keep updating


Parking assignment requests for the Summer Challenge will be accepted up until July 24, if you are not planning on participating in the Summer Challenge please have your trailer moved to the north field area, if you leave a trailer and are not racing, we will move it in order to accommodate the event. EDKRA members may not be in their regular pit stall assignment depending on your location, in order to accommodate our out of town guests, we are anticipating another huge contigent of racers.


Further to the Summer Challenge, as like last year, I will be handing out a “welcome bag” with information and small gifts, if anyone would like to donate some small swag items please contact me.




2016 Club Race Event Info





As a reminder for all 2016 EDKRA club events

-Drivers meeting is now at at 8:30
-You must Register online, there will be a extra 50$ race fee added to those racers that fail to register online for all upcoming EDKRA events.

-Bring your tech forms to registration, sign the waiver, and get your wrist band

-Registration opens at 8am. Don’t be late for registration
-Every team must have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit at their pit area, we will be checking this weekend.
-Pre grid rules will be strictly enforced
-Have your transponders fully charged the night before, with Stephan not doing timing and scoring, Lorna does not need another challenge trying to keep track of your kart position.
-Raceievers will hopefully be in place for next race weekend of June 25th.


Have Fun, be Safe







For all new members needing a kart #, Can you please refer to the “DISCUSSION FORUM” on this website for the list of kart numbers that are currently reserved by other racers.  

Once you choose an available #, send an email to r.kozakowski@mowbreygil.com to be approved and claim that available number.


The 2016 EDKRA Supplimental Rugulations are now posted. Please consult these rules to be prepared for the 2016 race season.


It will be mandatory to register online for all 2016 EDKRA race events.


Quick link to the :

EDKRA Supp Regs March 8, 2016


WRS_logo MAIN  WRS_WEB banner

The EDKRA  is excited to announce that EDKRA LO206 racers now have the option to participate in the popular B&S weekly racing series. Full details can be found at http://www.briggswrs.com/




The races that will qualify for this series (maximum of 11) are:


1.    MAY 14 – RACE 1

2.    MAY 15 – RACE 2

3.    JUNE 11 – RACE 3-Round 1 Alberta Shootout

4.    JUNE 12 – RACE 4-Round 1 Alberta Shootout

5.    JUNE 25 – RACE 5

6.    JULY 16 – RACE 6

7.    JULY 17 – RACE 7

8.    AUGUST 13   –RACE 8

9.    AUGUST 14   –RACE 9

10.  AUGUST 27 – RACE 10

11.  AUGUST 28 – RACE 11




      EDKRA Tech Tip of the month  


      How to Read your Tires





Other EDKRA News

The EDKRA monthly meeting minutes are now posted on this website. Please go to “Forum” then to “EDKRA Meeting Minutes” in the drop down menu and have a look to stay informed on what took place at the previous month meeting.


The Club is also in need of a Tech Director for 2016, so if anyone has interest, please forward the name to any of the executive for consideration. The executive would also like to remind its members that there has been much interest to the local Edmonton kart dealers for potential new joining members acquiring some used equipment. Please make use of our classified section to advertise your good used race equipment, karts, motors etc. so these new members can start off their racing careers on a less expensive note.


The 2016 EDKRA Race Schedules are out for the weekend events as well as the DD2 Wednesday events! I am very excited for this year as I feel we will be the benchmark to follow for all clubs across Canada and another very successful EDKRA season. I am expecting new class champions and a great entire season.


The EDKRA is now accepting 2016 club membership fees. All you have to do is fill out the 2016 forms that are on this website and contact Rob Kozakowski for payment.


Just another reminder that if you have not paid your 2015/2016/2017 winter storage facility fees for any rv’s, trailers, etc. as of yet, please do so asap. Contact Earl Wong or Rob Kozakowski for costs and payment information.






How to get started in racing



Important Race Registration/Summer Camping Fees information from the EDKRA Executive


Online Race registration/Camping fees is now available. Click on Classes/Rules and go to Registration on the drop down menu.  Due to the rapid growth of EDKRA racers, the executive encourages you to register online to assist the race organizers on race morning.







As a reminder our facility still has some reserved RV spots with water, power and sewage for an introductory price of $2000 for 2 years. There are only 20 sites available with 6 already sold/reserved, don’t wait until the last minute and lose out. Contact the executive for more information.

Also for those members who had trailers stored at the track over the 2015/2016 winter, please forward any overdue storage fees to the EDKRA.